Thornbury-Clarksburg Rotary Club

President: Steve Schofield
Vice President: Bruce Paterson
Secretary: Ed Rogers
Treasurer: George Matamoros
Club Administration Chair: members-at-large
Membership Chair: John Meadows
Public Image Chair: Gerry McGregor
Youth Exchange Chair: Colin Clarke
Service Projects Chair: David Morgan
Rotary Foundation Chair: Steve Schofield
Director-at-Large: Jeremy Wentworth-Stanley

R.I.President: Barry Rassin
Rotary Club of East Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas

District Governor: Jim Schlatman
Rotary Club of Hanover

Assistant Governor: Bill Beatty
Rotary Club of Meaford

Is it the TRUTH?

Is it FAIR to all concerned?

Will it build GOODWILL and

Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Diane Anderson :289-207-1529

Michael Atkins PDG PH /Marg:519-538-2857

John Bailey H /Diana:519-599-7797

Palma Barbieri /John Buller:416-466-0041

Richard Bowden H /Shelagh:519-599-7656

John Buller /Palma Barbieri:416-466-0041

Colin Clarke /Janine:226-665-0770

Brian Harkness PH /Janet:519-599-6900

Derry Ironside H /Sue:519-599-2684

Alison Kennedy :705-888-0497

Elizabeth Kennedy :705 888 0671

Marty Lacey H /Byron:519-599-4580

Jean Lewis Knight :705-888-6710

George Matamoros PH /Teresa:519-599-7784

Gerry McGregor PH /Diana:519-599-6469

John Meadows /Sue:705-445-8443

David Morgan PH/Margaret:519-599-1128

Rob Munden /Maureen :519-599-2780

Heather Offord /Damon Walton:705-446-7006

Rick Offord PH/Roberta:519-599-3809

Bruce Paterson H/Anna:519-599-2501

Ed Rogers PH:705-424-6393

Steven Schofield PH/Helene:519-599-6605

Alan Shisko /Georgie Donais:519-370-9330

Damon Walton /Heather Offord:250-809-4499

Jeremy Wentworth-Stanley H/Cathy:705-443-0191

Beth White /John:905 320 6165

John White /Beth:289 230 5345

David Wilding-Davies /Sarah Filion:705 888 1054

Linda Wykes H/Brian:519-599-3344

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